What I can tell you is that everybody fell in love with Anita, her personality and her concept. She managed to bring to the table the perfect design to satisfy the residents with a traditional taste as well as the ones of a more modern  approach. The carpet selected was high quality, forgiving and had a beautiful pattern. Anita was a wonderful listener and she was very sensitive to the points raised by the Board, while very knowledgeable in regards to the market trends and building’s needs.

Wiklem Design also guided us through the GC bidding process and worked with a large pool of experienced contractors and suppliers.

During project management, I learned many things from Wiklem Design, especially since this was my first extensive renovation. Joff Evans, one of Anita’s Senior Interior Designers was appointed to look after the project and I do not have enough words of praise for him. That did not mean though that we did not have Anita’s ear and unlimited patience, whenever we had an inquiry. Anita was also part of all major events during the renovation project and the walk-through at the end was attended by both Anita and Joff. A detailed list of deficiencies was provided to the contractor, without skipping any point, no matter how small.

Adelina D., Crossbridge Condominium Services