Our Magic Carpet Ride – in Georgia, Part 1

Last month, our travels landed us in Georgia – the Carpet Capital of North America. In fact, The U.S. Carpet Industry has undergone an amazing transition from hundreds of manufacturers to a relatively small number of very large producers. Almost all of the carpeting produced in North America is made in the state of Georgia. We visited two well-known carpet manufacturers – Brumlow Carpet Mills, a digital carpet printer, and Signature Carpet, known for solution-dyed carpeting.

Brumlow Home head office in Georgia

Brumlow Carpet Mills are key producers of digitally printed carpets. They begin by making a plain white carpet, which serves as a blank canvas, and dyes are then printed directly onto the carpets.

Vats of dye printed on white carpets

All orders are produced in-house and are completely customizable. Offering a wide range of gorgeous patterns in any colour, Brumlow can also reproduce one-of-a-kind patterns submitted by their clients. We saw printed company names, logos, and even a glow-in-the-dark carpet!

Unlimited combinations of patterns and colours

Carpets are the biggest investment a condominium corporation can make. Seeing first-hand and face-to-face where these carpets come from is our way of protecting that investment.

Part two of this story will talk about solution-dyed carpeting… Stay tuned!

My all time favourite carpet design

My all time favourite carpet design!

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