Our Magic Carpet Ride – in Georgia Part 2

As a designer, it is important to stay on top of all aspects of the industry. This devotion to life long learning and quality improvement brought us on our magic carpet ride to the beautiful state of Georgia, where most carpets in North America are manufactured. See Part 1 of this story here.


Signature Carpets is a large manufacturer of solution dyed carpets, and we made sure to tour their facility when we were in Georgia. Lately, we have been installing an increasing number of solution-dyed carpets in the work we do. Solution-dyed carpets are some of the most colorfast in the industry, since the color goes all the way through the fibers. This makes them a durable choice for the commercial market.


It was fascinating to see patterns emerge from multi coloured yarns that were fed into tubes and channels then woven into place with shots of air pressure. I had no idea about the vast number of threads required to get the colour just right, not to mention the time involved to produce a woven solution-dyed carpet. The result? A collection of beautiful, colourfast prints with a luxurious look and feel.



Our trip to Georgia gave us the opportunity to meet face-to-face and speak directly with suppliers and their designers, enabling us to finesse end-product on behalf of our customers. Going forward, I have the assurance and the credibility to say we have personally met these suppliers and that we believe in them.

Love this deconstructed pattern

Love this deconstructed pattern



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