The How Long is a Piece Of String Contest

This year we hosted a booth at The Condo Conference and asked visitors to guess the length of a spool of carpet yarn for a chance to win an Apple iPad.

and the winner is…

Congratulations to Jeremy Awori, Property Manager, ICC Property Management Ltd. who won the iPad in a tie-breaker between four people who guessed 10,000 metres. Guesses ran from under 100 metres to up to a million metres! The actual length was 14,567 meters, or 15,932 yards and 24 inches!

Special thanks to MADDEN GROUP and Encore Hospitality for supplying the gorgeous spool of solution dyed carpet yarn!

Why the question “How Long is a Piece of String?”

We are often asked how much a refurbishment project will cost, and our answer is “how long is a piece of string?” This admittedly cheeky answer beautifully illustrates the many factors that must be considered before determining costs for any project. We help Property Managers and Boards of Directors to prioritize and clearly define scopes of work that optimize available budgets.

If your corporation wants help in determining the length of your refurbishment string, give us a call!