Anita Wiklem background, education, training, biographyWonderfully curious and resourceful, from an early age Anita Wiklém was creating floor plans to scale before she was even able to read. Raised in Ørland, Norway, Anita often spent her time building intricate, miniature houses and furnishing them with Lego, cardboard, wood, clay, and papier-mâché.

After leaving Norway in 1990, Anita attended the University College of the Fraser Valley in British Columbia. Pursuing her creative design passion, Anita then enrolled at the Pacific Design Academy in Victoria. Upon graduation she immediately took the design world by storm creating beautiful spaces throughout North America and Europe.

Working with a cross-section of residential and commercial properties shaped her ability to design solutions that are practical, beautiful, and affordable. After years of prolific hands-on experience, Anita built her firm Wiklém Design inc. Whether it is a new or existing construction project, the firm has become known for seamlessly transforming a space to ‘make it look like it was always meant to be like that’.

An extensive portfolio is a living testament to Anita’s emphasis on customer focus. Widely featured on HGTV, Rogers and in numerous magazines, Anita has an uncanny knack for working backwards to identify and solve design challenges. This often means having a deep appreciation of how small, innovative risks can make a design more clever and appealing. The result? A timeless solution with bold components that last several design cycles.

Anita and her firm have built a successful career on delivering timeless value and bring the know-how to interpret a vision and make it a reality. Enjoy the journey. See the change.

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